1. Que Dios Te Bendiga

Reverend Domingo Vazquez of Friendly Hands Ministry, Inc.

There are so many people in need in our community today. So many people in need all over the world in fact. At Friendly Hands Ministry we do a small part to help alleviate the pain and suffering. Where we can we provide housing for the homeless. If we can not provide housing we advocate, shake up the authorities and ensure that our community gets its fair share of housing dollars.

We feed the hungry.

Every week our ministry feeds over 1000 people, our pantry provides groceries for those that would otherwise not be able to get fresh fruits or vegetables and our social services team provides counseling, education and referral services.

When we can we provide clothing, gifts and toys for needy families in the community. We do all this in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Just as he is blessing us daily so to do we try to bless those less fortunate then us. These days, we are all just one tiny step away from being in the same situation, many of us are just one pay check away from homelessness ourselves. As human beings we do what we can for our fellow human beings to help them in their time of need.

We are a small ministry with a big heart. We have a wonderful but small paid staff and some truly amazing volunteers, and they all come from the East Harlem community. Our professional paid staff work extraordinarily hard and long hours for just above minimum wage.


Because they have big hearts and love what they do.

Our volunteers have been with us for many years, some from the earliest days, when Friendly Hands Ministry was just a concept.


Because they have big hearts and they care about the community they live in.

Friendly Hands Ministry, Inc. is a not -for- profits organization ready to step up, always ready to help those most in need, the vulnerable and often forgotten. God has blessed us by shining his grace on us. All we do is pay it forward.

Thank you for visiting our website God bless you abundantly.

President ,

Reverend Domingo Vazquez